Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hey everybody,

Those of you hitting us here for the first time, too late, we've already hit the road. Feel free to explore this site as we've got some great recipes and articles posted here, but make sure you hit up the new site for even more great foodie stuff--Just look at the feed to your left!
These days I've also been/am a contributor on these great sites:
Dancing Spoon
Health Habits
As well as Ireland's Life & Fitness Magazine.

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We've been in a transition period for the past couple of months working quietly behind the scenes. We've decided to skip blogger town and we're heading over to lands yonder. The past couple of months have been spent designing our new look and it's finally ready for you guys to see. Don't fret though, everything that's on this site will remain here for now but our new domain thehealthyirishman.com is where you'll find us from now on.
Those of you who bookmarked this site (hehealthyirishman@blogspot.com) will need to go ahead and bookmark thehealthyirishman.com instead or you'll be missing out on the brand new site.
So pack your bags, we're hittin' the road.

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