Thursday, June 12, 2008


I finally got my ass to my friend, Akasha's Restaurant in Culver City, CA. With my favourite Southerners in tow, we embarked on our culinary journey with our wine glasses tattooed to our foreheads (ya, that's how its done with this crew). I've seen the restaurant in various phases (even once considered getting involved myself), but it blew my mind when I entered. First observation is that it's HUGE. I knew it was going to be big from seeing it gutted, but I found it hard to imagine the finished vision in Akasha's head. The result? It's impressively gorgeous, even down to the lighting (which Jennifer loved). The bar is huge (always good!) and the main dining room is fabulous and reminisant of an old NY brick building. Even more impressive is that this is a "green" restaurant made from recycled building materials, including the furniture which is made from organic leather and hemp fabrics (deriving from her always organic cotton chef's jacket one would think).
There were 6 of us so we were seated on the bakery side at a great big wooden table. Bakery? Yes, she has conquered it all here. Akasha's food encompasses the way I like to eat: local, organic & fresh.
The raves of the table included the tortilla soup (no cream added--great!), the pan seared Albacore lettuce wraps (super fresh with a great kick) & the Asian style braised short ribs (cooked perfectly-no knife needed). We ate and drank like kings and I even indulged in dessert (it's all organic without preservatives which is basically healthy so why wouldn't I?)--
But do you see what happens when I indulge?
Now the smart thing I should have done was take pictures of the inside and the food but I'm thinking it might have been all the wine which impaired my actions. I did manage to take a lot of us having a brilliant time so here's to that! Wait, there's a dessert pic! And the guy who's double fisting? Well, it was his 40th birthday so he deserved it!
The Healthy Irishman & Akasha Richmond


David Hall said...

Sounds great Gavan! Found any decent Irish eateries in the States yet?


boogichidl said...

Yeah baby! Oh, what a night!