Monday, April 14, 2008

TOP CHEF The Cookbook

I'm not a big fan of reality tv and I only like a few cooking shows mainly 'cause I think they're over the top and just not that interesting. I did however get into watching Top Chef on Bravo. I like it 'cause it actually focuses on the food and isn't just a glorified soap. Anyway they came out with the Top Chef The Cookbook. No surprise there! I decided to pick up a copy for my other half's birthday in the hopes of inspiring her with our dinner choices. (She's had to take over dinner duty since I took on my new job, the poor crater.) Not exactly subtle I admit but she did tell me how much she likes reading recipes so who am I to dis-agree!
It doesn't take long to read from cover to cover. It's got lots of behind the scenes stuff but more importantly has a bunch of recipes from the contestants or chef-testants as they call them. Those of you who are fans of the show will definitely enjoy reading the bios of some of the players as well as their best recipes.

Besides the insider stuff and recipes I found myself reading up on Tom Colicchio, who also wrote the introduction. He's a smart guy who definitely knows food. He's equipped with old-school values and passions yet works with one eye open on the new up-and-coming chefs, much like Gordon Ramsay. These are the values I admire and follow as well (can anyone arrange a lunch with the three of us??!! Better yet, can I have his job?!)

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