Monday, September 8, 2008


I was watching the box the other night and saw this commercial for microwave mash potatoes. Unlike the powdered variety, apparently these are at least real potatoes, already cut up in the bag so all you do is nuke them in the microwave and add butter. Seriously how busy/lazy are you if you haven't time to cut up a few potatoes and throw them in a pot to boil?
I've always noticed the pre-packaged foods (how can I not with all the time I spend at the supermarket?) but lately it seems like they're breeding like rabbits. What is the method to the madness? Is it lack of time, convenience or laziness? Probably a mixture of all of these as we all have to work harder and longer hours nowadays to make ends meet. But food shouldn't come out of a box and when kids see this display, how else would they think?
When I see this in supermarkets I realise how lucky I was growing up in Ireland having my Mum cook for us everyday, food fresh from the garden or meat fresh from the butcher. I get it that people have to work more now but there has to be a way to show kids that food does actually come out of the ground or is bred for eating. This idea goes hand in hand with my blog below, Eat Up Kids. It's crucial that kids see the co-relation between say a potato being picked in a field and ending up as fries or mash and not a powder mixed with water. For some, weening your family off boxed foods is a big step, so start with a weekend trip with the family to your local farmers market. The idea of incorporating field trips for kids to local farms and/or farmers' markets is definitely a solution whereby they can see first hand what actual food looks like as well as speak to the farmers. Even as a chef I learn new things by talking to the farmers. There is so much to see and learn at these markets that it's invaluable not only for kids but adults as well.


chriesi said...

What a great post! There is nothing better than a visit to the farmers market!

Meg said...

I am all about eating fresh food without preservatives. Thank you for this post!

Stephanie said...

I totally agree. Real food is healthier, tastier, and just plain better. I was astounded the day I learned that you can buy white sauce mix in a packet! White sauce mix! How lazy do you have to be?!

David Hall said...

Aye aye stranger, hows tricks? With you all the way here. What is all that about? Ridiculous. But you do live in the country of kings when it comes to convenience.


TonyM said...

I couldn't agree with you more - I took my son fruit picking at the weekend. Not Sure it tops his list of things to do but it is important that he sees where food comes from.