Wednesday, July 9, 2008


When I was growing up as a kid I thought corn or 'sweetcorn' was something that came out of a tin. Obviously with the Irish climate of wet, about to be wet or 'drownded' as we say, the weather isn't exactly conducive to growing corn.
The penny dropped eventually as to where the corn came from but I really hadn't eaten fresh corn on the cob 'til I came here to the States. The fresh flavour is absolutely brilliant. I've played around with different ways of cooking them, boiling being the easiest, however I decided on this method of grilling them in the husks thanks to my friend Riz, a self-proclaimed corn expert from Indiana. All you do is soak the corn wrapped in the husk in salted cold water for at least an hour. This will saturate the husks preventing them from burning on the grill as well as help steam the corn when cooking. Cook them on one side 'til the husks start to char and then flip them over. They'll take about 30 mins. or so. depending on how hot your coals are.
With barbeque season in full swing (over here anyway) you'll love how easy this is.......and the taste, unbelievable.

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David Hall said...

The best way to eat it Gavan! We like ours with a simple lime and chilli butter, divine!