Friday, May 9, 2008

URBAN GARDENS - sprouts & growth spurts

With time on our side (and the magic of editing) the urban gardens have flourished. It's brilliant to see the broccoli florets forming and the vibrant colors of the swiss chard. My favorite by far are the zucchini blossoms. I'm still amazed this is all happening right next door. If you could see the size of these cabbages in person...they're as big (and bald) as my head!
These photos document the days counted from the first round of photos. When we first posted Urban Gardens the photos from Chris's garden had been taken in late March which was about 3 weeks after planting. So basically we're looking at 9 weeks in the soil. Can you believe what a little over 2 months will get you? Last time the missus picked her first carrot. It was my turn this time and what a beauty it was! To see this in action be sure to check out my latest webisode on YouTube.
Looking forward to seeing more growth spurts along the way to my kitchen.

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